This week it’s important to focus on gratitude and the positive things that you have in your life now. Focusing on this especially in the beginning of the week is key. Toward the middle of the week it may be helpful to look at the relationships in your life from a balanced and practical point of view. Focus on the both the part you are playing in the relationships and the other people involved. Toward the end of the week start thinking about what you would like more of in your life. The new moon on Friday may be a great time to write these things down.

The deck used this week is Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland

In Psychic Tarot for the Heart a 65 card deck with an accompanying guidebook, John shares his inspiration and spiritual guidance to deal with almost every aspect of your heart and the myriad of relationships in your life.

Relationships of all kinds are really about you! They often reflect back what we need to see. No matter what issues you’re facing in your life, this deck will help add clarity. It will answer questions and illustrate where you are, why you’re there, what you may have done wrong in the past, so you can learn valuable lessons from your past mistakes.

The cards speak intuitively in a way that will resonate with anyone and everyone! The cards in themselves will become a catalyst for your personal soul growth.

This deck is not just for lovers! It was created to help you understand, develop, and improve every type of relationship in your life, including the most important relationship … that with yourself. By using this deck and the techniques that psychic medium John Holland imparts, along with the wisdom of the tarot, you’ll begin to understand and look at relationships — past, present, and future — with an intuitive eye.

Tara McGillicuddy is an Intuitive Empath and Empowerment Coach. Since 1997 Tara has been empowering people all over the world by developing award winning podcasts, webinars, virtual events and other life changing tools and resources. She is an internationally recognized ADHD expert who has spoken at international conferences and numerous online summits. Tara is also an Evidential Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Entrepreneur

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