Can you believe 2019 is almost over? I know I am ready for a new year, a new decade and some new energy. As I discuss in my most recent Empath Now Podcast Episode Clear out the Thick & Dense Energy of 2019, the energy this past year has been rough for us Empaths. While it’s great to look forward to new beginnings and new energy, it’s also important for us to clear the old before we can bring in the new.

Sometimes we can use some help clearing out our energy. This is why I created an Energetic Clearing & Healing Session for Success in 2020. This session will help to support you in clearing out the energetic blocks and debris from 2019 and allow the new energies of 2020 to begin to flowing in.

This FREE Session has been added to the Empath Now Empowerment Source. The Empath Now  Empowerment Source full of tools and resources to to help you become Empowered at an Empath.  The Empath Now Empowerment Source is FREE too! All you need to do to Register is enter your name and email.

Tara McGillicuddy is an Intuitive Empath and Empowerment Coach. Since 1997 Tara has been empowering people all over the world by developing award winning podcasts, webinars, virtual events and other life changing tools and resources. She is an internationally recognized ADHD expert who has spoken at international conferences and numerous online summits. Tara is also an Evidential Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Entrepreneur

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